My 20th Blood Donation

logoIt is allowed to donate blood only once in every two months for Kazakhstan, so that donor can take a break of full recovery. I also try to stick to this set interval, but sometimes can only accomplish five donations in a year. 

The affordable rate of donation is two times higher for developed countries. But the World champion lives in Kazakhstan…With the prominent record of 1000 blood donations, he is a proud citizen of Almaty at the age of 65. One blood donation safes three lives on average that means he saved 3000 lives and continue to run ahead of all adorable donors elsewhere globally, and can only be compared to gold medalist of Olympic games or even greater!

Once I was given an invitation for a musical concert at the blood reception point as a reward. There was a young couple standing next to me who shared one ticket, for a free ticket is only available to donors and no one else. Although I am keen on classical music, I intended to give out my ticket and left the couple pleased together. Actually, this was a natural live performance, precisely different from artificial sound in digital edit.

It happened that I accomplished my 20th blood donation on St. Valentine’s Day, so this story should be right in point. This time I also had two entry tickets for the evening violin performance at Philharmonic Concert Hall booked in advance, but was not available to listen to the joyful sound play again. One blood donation safes three lives on average that means I saved 60 lives so far.

Follow me, follow me!

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The Way of Wellness (2)


This note is concerned about the playing on top of nine hundred! Above everything else!!!

The famous stairs of Medeo, also known as the Stairway of Health with a number of steps is close to 900. Still so young and available to play on top of it! Good physical shape and physical fit both have the same meaning of physically healthy. There are many, many, many benefits of stair climbing. Practically this specific exercise is associated with improved mental health. Our bodies tend to release endorphins, the so-called feel good hormones when practicing stair climbing. The way to take time to think and reflect, so can manage everyday stress and tensions better than that.

IMG_1111 (1)IMG_1114 (1)

When it comes to progressive training and personal developments one cannot escape from all kinds of tests and assessments. Whether you have to prepare for university examination, make a presentation in front of a large audience, meet with a potential customer and so on. But for some, making a strenuous or unusually great effort is a piece of cake.

IMG_1120 (1)

Most students do not stress the importance of preparing for the exam; rather leave it for later, usually one day prior to exam date. One day is not enough for in-depth study of a peculiar subject of knowledge, of course. But it requires interest and power to proceed sustainably, instead of trying to memorize in one day or hour. Even for graduate students one day is still not enough to prepare, implying a keen understanding of the basic course so only have to upgrade to a level of Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

This time I lead my dear fellow students to the level of 900 stairs to show a better way how to prepare for exams. That is to play outside when suitable, but not only solve sample tests in four walls. My aim would be to press down the stress to the lowest point and upgrade wellness to the highest point. While reduced tension may well improve grades and assessment. This also applies to other aspects of modern life, no matter if follow university path or take on any other unanticipated directions.

I find my fellow students full of joy while on top of the cloud stairs!

Please see the photos of supermodels to ascertain in a note and then try it yourself to feel the ease that follows!!!!!


What would you do after training??

Drink a cup of tea in a fancy restaurant with an excellent and splendid panoramic view of a natural landscape. How lovely it would be!


As mentioned in my previous notes, doing exercise is a better way to relax.

It is so gelivable! 給力!!!

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The Way of Wellness

IMG_1576 (1)Although living at the foot of the mountain range there are still many people who never go to mountains. Apart from all the positives, environmental pollution in the beautiful city of Almaty is very severe. Therefore I collect litter in natural areas, use the same plastic bottles many, many, many, many, many, many times to promote the concept of recycling and had to sell my car, but still not enough.

People spend much time on streets that remain busy with traffic. Mind that we also live in a financial center of Kazakhstan with major banks and financial managers headquartered in central Almaty. Thus some are thriving in a fast-paced, while vast majority drowned in daily routing. First are facing societal pressures and experience stress, also known as metropolitan deceases.

Many young people like to go to café and bars with friends to fight urban deceases, but rarely go to nature. My graduate fellow students asked me how that I work, study, run personal web analytics but still able to look fresh in the late evenings. Jogging up to the mountains is just one kind of exercise I do to keep in good shape.

So today I had to run up to the famous stairs of Medeo to show my fellow students the way to press down the stress to the lowest point and upgrade wellness to the highest point. As for the general public health condition, it is not necessarily to be on top of the world. At least to be on top of Medeo would be just fine.

IMG_1556 (2)

If one doesn’t like going up to the mountains today, than when to start? At the age of 30, 40, 50 or maybe 60 years old? There are only 900 stairs to be on top of Medeo. It will at least take 9 minutes to be above everything else! You cannot just enjoy the 1000 level on top which is so splendid and magnificent by saying no time to run up to the 900 stairs underneath, let other people jog and do not ask me to do so. Wellness will not come when one says no time and no resource to exercise.

It takes least time to be relieved of a worry or any unpleasant concern. Hurray! Spend time on jogging to be in a better feeling, so could easily see the brighter side. Unbelievable!!

Come on, go ahead and give it a try!!!

First to ascertain in a note, second to feel the ease that follows.

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A Strategy to Enhance English Proficiency Scores

Demonstrated proficiency in the English language is required for all international applicants to meet the language requirement of school to be eligible for a place. While TOEFL is popular for universities in the United States and Canada, IELTS is more widely used in Europe and Australia. Practically, the format of both tests is similar and consist of four language skills modules, namely Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

wordle-allUnlike TOEFL exam schedule that require candidates to approach four modules on the same day, the speaking IELTS test is held on a separate day from three other sections. The speaking practice test in TOEFL is computer based that is you take preparation time of only 15 seconds and after have to speak a monologue of 45-60 seconds about a topic into the microphone. In the IELTS speaking test, you have a discussion with a certified examiner. What should you expect from a situation close to real-life? GO ahead! Have an exit line ready to end conversation gracefully. I would use something like ‘It was a pleasure speaking with you. I’ll see you on another day. Thank you, Ibrahim.’

Keep going for other three sections, or solve the test avoiding regressions. There is short time given for listening module questions quick view before the examiner press play. You may certainly utilize this time by marking key words on the task sheet and then can only rely on the constant state of readiness. First getting familiar with questions and after that referring to the task is also common way to go through the reading part. Here, scanning technique and matching questions with their answers may be applied, or you may choose right answers for some questions without even reading a text.

Mind these integrated tasks in TOELF! For example, test takers are asked to read a passage, listen to a short lecture about a topic, and then speak or write in response. You will not find this kind of tasks in the IELTS.

Be meaningful and orderly; divide the body of text into paragraphs. That is all I have to say about writing.

Angry examinerSmall group settings in TOEFL with 12 students, as opposed to the large IELTS examination area variation. An average the two tests candidates ratio of 4, denotes four IELTS candidates per one TOEFL test taker. Therefore, the rules of conduct for IELTS is more strict and severe than that of TOEFL. That was just I added a letter on my answer sheet after the time for the test has expired, so immediately examiner rushed at me and start yielding to strike out the last entry, for it is regarded as cheating. I dared not to complain and simply followed instructions.

Prepare for exams to ensure a better outcome. Nevertheless apart from solving sample tests, it is helpful to be in a confident state of mind. Neither TOEFL, nor IELTS is tough, since it is impossible to flank the exam, but it only takes an assessment of English language proficiency.

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Speed reading


In the technological era of today, there are tons of information available for better use. Modern young people of different professional disciplines including engineering, law, economics and finance, have reading comprehension to enable themselves to succeed. IT sector, for instance, is growing at a very fast pace so it is inevitable for engineers to sort the enormously huge block of information in order to catch up with the recent trend. This reserves speed reading quite an important place among broad choice of skills one may wish to possess.

There is no individual not able to read quickly, ensuring that all people are able to increase reading speed. You can grasp the point of the speed reading by picking up with different techniques, but the skill is usually acquired by practice. There are several techniques available, but they all share the common idea. It is not supernatural, but believe in such powers will help to develop ways. It has to deal with high focus and perseverance. The pace of speed at which you read texts is also related to knowledge base you had already acquired so far. Try to remember, the more you become familiar with a text, the faster your reading speed.

It is not a secret that I do jogging, I jogged up the topmost of Hong Kong the Victoria Peak for two times, many more times the Almaty peak of Kok-tobe and the famous stairs of Medeo. You may also try a favorable combination of two, jogging and speed reading. The Science Center of Almaty keeps million copies of literature, but also serves a good jogging track on the outside. When I arrive at the library I always jog a circle or two around the Center and get into reading after that. I sometimes use chronograph in tracking speed of reading to know how long it will take me to finish with the text, so I could start a new book. This not only be applied to book reading, of course, but it is even more widely applicable to daily news reading and it is a quick way to view RSS feeds. I presume the latter example gives an idea of how it works, but only superficially.

So it is feasible to work through the big passage of reading material over shorter-term. Everyone is able to enrich one’s experience in reading, just be sure to take most of the time whilst practicing on reading at speeds faster than standard.

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Jogging up to the peak of Kok-Tobe

To the great joy of all, my darlings and I run up to the city peak of Kok-Tobe the other day. Why would I ask my beloved to jog up to the peak, instead of going to cinema or eating cakes at some fancy coffeshop? Actually, they can have fun with their friends where doing well without my serve, but I would rather show a special way to go through hard times that be the aim.

Denoting Green Hill from Kazakh language, Kok-Tobe is lying within the limits of Almaty and stated to be the highest point of the city. It is easy accessible and makes an amazing jogging route of about 12 minutes in length from the bottom to the top. The relevancy of this approach to running up to the peak is, of course, that physical activity reduces stress. Besides, dear reach the pointed top feeling uplifted, finding herself at the topmost of the city, above everything else!


It is even possible to measure the amount of time needed to get out of a bad mood, as it takes only 10 minutes to be relieved of a worry or any unpleasant concern. Hurray! Get 12 minutes of jogging to be in a better feeling, so could easily see the brighter side. Unbelievable!!

three-in-oneCome on, come up and try it! First to ascertain in a note, second to feel the ease that follows!


In fact, the Kok-Tobe is far not the highest peak there to reach. Ultimately, the peak only serves the purpose of the city’s landmark and it is just one out of the numerous footpaths leading to the countless observation points above the city. However, sometimes taking a deep breath is enough; just make sure you get beyond the polluted air making the fresh breath available.

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Universal Translator

Common to many science fiction works, a universal translator is a device used to remove the problem of translating between alien languages when a new species or culture is encountered (встречаются). Nowadays, scientists work towards similar real-world technologies, including voice recognition systems and even real time translation of video calls. As a convention to movie plots, universal translator requires an instant speech translation feature. In this special note however, the universal translator term has also been loosely applied to such notion as development concept, and it speaks that as such.

I would like to share my story of using the universal translator. I work closely with different kinds of texts as a fact of a matter, including professional texts prepared in English and Traditional Chinese. I myself am a native Russian speaker who performs translation almost everyday, starting from short notes concerning lifestyle to economic editorials on live bullion market specials, as well as commentaries to translation of books and academic papers including research papers. In this regard, it is inevitable having to get the best use of so-called universal translators as ones provided by google.

It is really is magical how people around the globe who are interested in any given particular subject, should easily be able to collect the most precious piece of information presented on any world language with only a click. For many topics a superficial translation is, of course, not enough where deep investigation and cognitive effort is required. The worth of universal translator, however should not be diminished by that alone, taking it as a favorable tool to proceed those investigations in itself.

As was said, people of the 21st century are researches, giving its tendencies to understand the world around us in a thorough manner, in persistent attitude. Apart from livelihood, there is also an emerging tide of contributors (лица, вносящие вклад) in many, many, many, many, many fields of interests coming to evolve in changing the modern world of today. With all these possible outcomes to follow, there tends to be an unprecedented deformation awaiting to occur.

The change is eternal. It is likewise inevitable to become more responsive to that change where the interchange of international views, goods and services, and other aspects of modern-life culture arising from globalization is taking an important place in the process of development at a very fast pace. The experience of foreign states is simply not be neglected, as it gives the sense of course perspective to us where emerging nations were headed with a relative degree of uncertainty. The study of foreign languages is regarded to be the most efficient way to make that sensibility clear, or at least to manage the change as a whole to be better.

I feel universal translator makes for quite a good tool in obtaining that knowledge and experiences awaiting our own discoveries. Regardless of the manner it is used, there is no official manner considered the appropriate approach regarding universal translator. Some would put the whole text in the box and simply perform its enhancement, while in other cases a profound understanding of a single word may serve as a stepping stone (средство для достижения цели) to broaden one’s horizons on the very way forward to achieve greater heights, as both a language of knowledge and the experiences in translatable union with the reader.

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